We are Poppin Minis.

Poppin Minis is a subset business of Poppin Squeeze which sells freshly made mini donuts. Just like Poppin Squeeze, Poppin Minis sets up at the farmers market every weekend and various events throughout the season.

Our mini donuts are freshly made per oder. With a lil' orbits donut maker, we just sit back and watch as our fabulous donut mix is dropped into the hot oil. Once in the oil, the donuts are pushed down the river O' oil! Half way down, they get flipped to start cooking on the opposite side. Finally, once our donuts reach the end of the river, they get flipped out and we serve them immediately to you! Once you try our hot and fresh donuts, you will never want to go back to the old store bought ones, ever again!

This year will be our fourth year with Poppin Minis. We are very greatful for the support received from our amazing customers and hope to continue serving you. Thank you!

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